Bridgette Won Our Giveaway!

by Cathy on November 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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Bridgette won our giveaway — the Sweet Tooth Soap Gift Package from Foam on the Range. Bridgette wrote in her comment:

Oh…..I love it! So many awesome choices too!!!! Any of the fruit flavored ones would probably be my favorite – Apple Orchard (sounds like a great Fall one), Apricot Freesia, Asian Pear Lily, and Black Raspberry Vanilla (definitely one I would want to try)! The Detangling Spray, Foaming Soap and Eye Serum would be neat to try too! :)

Thanks for the giveaway, looks like there is a lot of amazing products!!!


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Giveaway: Melamine Platter!

by Cathy on April 17, 2011 · 57 comments

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I’m always looking for good role models in the business world for my daughters. My younger daughter has an interest in graphic design and is considering attending the University of Kansas design school, so the story of Ampersand Studio owners Carrie and Morgan caught my attention.

Carrie and Morgan met at the University of Kansas design school, studied abroad in England, worked together as graphic designers at Hallmark and eventually left to launch their own business. The result was Ampersand Studios, a creative collaboration in which they design prints and home products, as well as offering their graphic design services.

Both ladies recently began their families and the studio fits in well with their plans. They note,”We both want to stay at home with the babies and continue to design—but on our own, very flexible schedules. We feel that it’s important to make sure we spend time with our husbands, children, family and friends because when it comes right down to it, those are the important things in life.” Well said, ladies!

Carrie and Morgan want to introduce you to their lovely products so they are giving away one of their cute melamine platters valued at $24– your choice!

Rainbow Bike Spokes Platter

Zig Zag Platter

Party Flags Platter

To register for the giveaway, check out their inspiring design blog Ampersand Design Studio, then click on their Etsy page to see all their kicky products. Next, leave a comment on my blog, noting your favorite product (other than one of their cute platters!). Registration ends April 24 and I’ll post the winner April 25. The winner must live in the continental U.S. Good luck!



We have a winner of our giveaway! Annabel wrote: Hi! I love the ‘courage’ leather cuff. I would totally wear that every day! Congrats!



Erin Edwards’ success as a jewelry designer can best be described as “Girl Meets Internet.” She learned to craft jewelry in part by Googling instructions. Initially, she sold her jewelry through Ebay, then Etsy and eventually through her own website. But this isn’t just any old jewelry. This is GORGEOUS jewelry: keepsake, vintage and unique pieces. Erin wants to share her success with you. She’s giving away these lovely Dainty Drop Earrings.

Her thriving business, called Vintage Pearl, also includes her retail store that contains her workshop. She employs a staff of about a dozen women she calls friends.

Erin is creative, clever and entrepreneurial. The icing on the cake is that she is also compassionate. A portion of her sales goes to Stop Child Trafficking Now, the Tulsa Dream Center (which provides food, clothing, medical care and education to the urban poor) Orphan Shield (which provides care for orphans in Guatemala) and several other non-profits.

So how can you win a pair of the Dainty Drop Earrings? Go to the Vintage Pearl website and then leave a comment on my blog noting your favorite jewelry (other than the Dainty Drop Earrings). Registration ends March 20 and I’ll post the winner’s name on March 21. Good luck!




Giveaway: Morse Code Necklace!

by Cathy on February 23, 2011 · 65 comments

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Who knew that morse code would make such a cute accessory? Rebecca, designer at COATT Jewelry, knew! Each necklace features gold dots and dashes to spell out a different thought in morse code. The dots and dashes are held together on an 18″ gray silk cord. Rebecca’s most popular necklace is the SOS.

Rebecca writes, “The SOS is the most commonly known piece of morse code and is funny on so many levels.  One of my customers wrote that she wears it for her dream guy to come and save her.  Another sees it more like a ‘Calgon take me away’ moment.”

And did I mention that we are giving away one SOS necklace valued at $36? To register, go to the COATT Jewelry website and then leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite necklace (in addition to the SOS). Registration ends March 2 and I’ll post the winner’s name March 3. Good luck!



These intricate die-cut Valentines are perfect for February 14…or any day! Each measures 5.5″ square with a matching pink envelope. These lovely cards come in a set of six with both the heart and swallow bird designs. You could send these for Valentine’s Day or frame them for a gorgeous display. And the best part is we are giving away a set of six!

To register for this giveaway, go to and then post a comment on my blog, telling me your favorite Tad and Faboo product (other than these notecards!). When you click on the product photo, the name of the product appears. Registration for this giveaway closes on February 1 and I’ll post the winner’s name on February 2. Good luck!



Whew, I put the Christmas decorations away, have all the celebrations behind me and I’m a bit pooped. If you are also in need for a bit of pampering after the hectic holidays, I have something great in store for one lucky winner. I’m giving away a Happy Feet Spa Retreat worth $25 from Jordan Essentials Bath and Body!

To register for the giveaway, simply go to this Jordan Essentials Bath and Body website, then leave a comment on my blog noting your favorite product other than the Happy Feet Spa Retreat. Registration ends January 9 and I’ll announce the winner January 10. Good luck!



Liz and Ben Bohannon are commanding your toes to rejoice. (Yes, that IS their company motto!) Why, you may ask? Because now your toes can be clothed in adorable sandals the Kansas City couple design and market to help raise money to send impoverished Ugandan girls to university. But this isn’t about handouts.

Liz fell in love with the Cornerstone community in Uganda and started a company to raise university funds for them.

Liz and Ben’s company, Sseko (Say-co) Designs, hires these young women for a nine month period between secondary school and university, to live and work together creating the sandals. The money they earn goes toward a university education at Cornerstone Leadership Academy. Three young women — Mary, Mercy and Rebecca — have already earned enough to attend university, with other women soon to follow. The hope is that these educated women will then become leaders who will help bring transformation in their war-torn country.

Liz shares her experience that led to the company:

“During my time in Uganda (on a trip following college), I came across an incredible community called Cornerstone. And in that community there was an incredible group of young women. They were mostly my age.  They became friends.  The commitment of these young women blew me away. I was consistently challenged by the fact that these women saw their education as a gift. They were not only committed to learning their subjects,  but also so committed to learning how to love well. To love each other. To reconcile their lives. To lead their countries.

Cute sandals just like these help change the lives of women in Uganda.

When I came to learn that many of these incredible young women were struggling to find work to finance their university education, Sseko was born.  It seemed so simple. I designed a sandal that I thought was really beautiful.  I was just a small part of a simple solution. Some of these young women are from villages that have never seen one of their own women continue on to university.  All they needed was an opportunity to succeed and earn and save. To work in a place that was dignified and honoring. We make beautiful things. We laugh and we love and we dance and we learn. And every nine months, we let go and we send these incredible women off to pursue dreams of their own.

Although consumerism makes many empty promises, responsible and proactive consumerism has the ability to change lives. Like the lives of Mercy, Mary and Rebbecca.”

And did I mention that Sseko Designs is giving away a $42 gift certificate for Sseko shoes? Here’s how you register for the giveaway: First, go to the Sseko Designs Facebook page and click on “like.” Then go to their website to see all their cute shoe designs. Finally, leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite Sseko straps. Registration for this giveaway ends 12/22 and we will post the winner’s name on 12/23.



When you are purchasing Christmas gifts, there is someone who resides in your home that must not be forgotten. He faithfully retrieves the newspaper each morning, greets you excitedly at the door every time you return home … No, I’m not referring to your husband. (He’s ALREADY on your gift list!) I’m talking about your dog. He doesn’t want much, maybe just a new toy this year. And when everyone is dressing up in their fancy Christmas duds, your faithful furry friend needs a new outfit. Poochie Heaven can help on both counts. They sell a variety of cute holiday clothes, toys, dog furniture, jewelry (I kid you not!) and more.

Best of all, Poochie Heaven is offering a giveaway! You could win this Frosty the Snowman Dog Tie plus a dog toy! Go to the Poochie Heaven site and then leave a comment on my blog noting your favorite dog outfit. Registration for this giveaway ends December 14 and I’ll post the winner’s name December 15.



Ashley Won Our Scentsy Giveaway!

by Cathy on December 5, 2010 · 0 comments

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Ashley won our Day 3 Scentsy Giveaway! Ashley wrote,” I like the Enchanted Warmer. I love Scentsy products.” Congrats, Ashley!

I have the Christmas Cottage scent in my Scentsy warmer right now and it is wonderful! My house smells of cinnamon and apples. This really is a great product.



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