He asked and she said yes

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So, there was a little excitement around our household this weekend! (Photos and story courtesy of Classy and Fab Girl) … Here’s our daughter Lauren’s ┬ástory:

So I thought this past weekend was going to be quiet and uneventful but boy was I wrong. I was completely surprised and ecstatic when Mike asked me to marry him this past Saturday night. You would think after seven years of dating I would have seen it coming but I was still totally surprised. Here is a glimpse of the big night.

Thankfully my family showed up a little after it happened to take pictures. It was an amazing weekend full of great memories with great family and friends. I am so happy to have the support of all the people I love. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with the best guy I know. And after seven years its about dang time!

So here goes the journey of planning a wedding and I will definitely be using my blog to keep track of all my thoughts and ideas, as well as wanting some feedback from you. Let the wedding planning begin! (“Yikes,” said the bride’s mother! That would be me!)



Long before the Internet, TED Conferences, and South by Southwest, new ideas and innovations were introduced at the World’s Fairs. Countries, companies and individuals participated in order to learn from one another, fan the flame of customer demand and move the needle of progress forward. The World’s Fairs exhibit at the Kansas City Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art provides the back story on these events, which shaped the modern world.

The inspiration provided by the World's Fairs challenged manufacturers to create jewelry from new metals, such as aluminum.

Innovation in science and technology: Innovative manufacturing technologies and materials, such as plastic, synthetic rubber, poloyester and Plexiglas were showcased at the World’s Fairs.

British porcelain manufacturers were inspired by Indian textiles presented in World's Fair displays.

Cross-cultural influences: As one example of this, Prince Albert pushed for London to host the 1851 World’s Fair because he wanted to raise the level of design in his country by exposing artisans to the work of other countries. For example, British manufacturers were inspired by Indian metal work and textiles, which is reflected in this vase.

National pride: Finland was trying to break away from Russia at the turn of the century so the pieces the country entered in the 1902 World’s Fair in Turin features Finnish motifs.

Style: Japanese style was first introduced to the rest of the world at the World’s Fair in 1855. Prior to that, much of the world had no exposure to this mysterious country. The Z Clock, which debuted and the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, introduced sleek modern style that used less materials and lowered production costs.

History: Many objects presented at the World’s Fairs used the modern manufacturing techniques of the time paired with classical designs of another era.



New Craft to Try: Simple Collage Making

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Whew! Okay, I’ll be the first to say it: I love Christmas but I’m also glad it is over! The day after Christmas, my sister, daughters and I got together for some relaxing crafting and here is what we tried — simple collage making. It was fun, easy and we were pleased with the results. Below are two collages we made, as well as simple instructions.



  1. Take a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of masonite (available from the craft store), cover it in a thin layer of Modge Podge adhesive using a foam brush.
  2. Place a sheet of black scrap booking paper (or whatever color or print you prefer) onto the sticky masonite. Use a clean paint roller to smooth out the paper and remove bubbles. Then press around the edges with your fingers to ensure that everything is glued down.
  3. Then comes the fun part: layer paper, embellishments, favorite greeting cards, ribbon, glitter, buttons — whatever suits your fancy.
  4. To finish the piece. you can either frame it or drill two holes an inch apart near the top of the masonite. Then string a ribbon through the holes, tie the ribbon and use it as a hanger to hang the collage on a wall.

Happy crafting!



Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping

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The Christmas gifts are starting to pile up so it’s time to start wrapping. I like to put as much thought into the wrapping as I do in the gift buying. Below are some stylish wrapping ideas, along with the lovely blogs/web sites providing the inspiration.






Get Organized! Four Stylish Ideas

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We just had new bedroom furniture delivered that has ample storage so I’m in the mood to get organized. Here are five great ideas I came across to clean out and prioritize.

From the Haute Indoor Couture blog:


From Apartment Therapy:


Better Homes and Gardens

Creating Keepsakes





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If you have been invited to someone’s home for Thanksgiving, don’t go empty handed. Now’s the time to assemble a hostess gift. Here are three creative but inexpensive gift ideas.

We are feasting at my in-law’s home so I’m bringing these goodies: a tiny cheese platter and matching spreader with a packet of vegetable dip mix tied with ribbon, this festive potholder, all wrapped up in a brown box with wired ribbon and garnished with a twig pumpkin. (World Market has all these items and more.)

This square basket with flowers, wine and caramels from The Party Dress


A Spice Kit (Chili Spice, Mulling Spice and Pumpkin Pie Spice with recipes) from Mixing Bowl Kids



Feast your eyes on this bit of cuteness. You are welcome!







Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall has arrived in Kansas City and I am thrilled! Pumpkin-colored leaves, a visit to the local cider mill, tasty dinners of pork chops and spiced apples … what’s not to love? At the top of my list is the cozy fall decorating. Below are some fabulous ideas, along with the creative blogs that originally featured them.

From Deck the Halls (Those are vinyl letters on the pumpkins — clever!)

From the Petit Design Co. blog

From A Pumpkin and a Princess blog, an easy-to-do idea:

An easy way to preserve fall leaves (You dip them in wax!) at

And a fun way to dress up votive candle holders using cinnamon sticks at




Many of us are inspired by good design — whether it is the clever functionality of the I-Pad, the engineering of the Mercedes or the well-designed (though ridiculously expensive) pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. (Hey, I don’t have to own this stuff to be inspired!) Now imagine being inspired by your wallpaper. The patrons at the London bar DreamBags-JaguarShoes undoubtedly are inspired. Take a look at this wallpaper and the story behind it

Called RGB, the papers are printed in red, green, blue and yellow to reveal different layers of images when viewed in different lighting. The design is based on basic color theory you may have learned in art class in which all colors are based on these four foundational colors. Big game emerges from the undergrowth in red lighting, monkeys in blue lighting and a jungle of plants in green lighting.

The bar — DreamBags-JaguarShoes — is named after the two shops that occupied the space in the 1980s. The same signs still hang on the shop front.

An artist collective from Milan created this piece and noted, “We have always wanted to explore the concept of ‘Jungle‘ or really tangled, intricate and dense tropical forest.” The exhibition runs through Sept. 21. (If I only had a plane ticket to London!)



Need a little joy in your day? Let Sister Rosetta Tharpe cheer you up. If this doesn’t make you smile and tap your toes, then we need to check your pulse. (I like her spirit!)



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