Organic God and the Magic of Luminescence

by Cathy on January 20, 2011 · 3 comments

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Have you ever experienced puzzling magic in nature? I have … on a beach late at night in Florida. The book The Organic God gave a name to what I saw. We were wrapping up our spring break visit to Destin and wanted to take one last evening stroll along the beach. Bundled in jackets but barefoot so we could feel the cold sand ooze between our toes, we walked in silence under a canopy of stars. We listened to the crashing of invisible waves.

One in our group grabbed a stick and stirred up the sand along the water’s edge. The stick stirrer gasped and we all bent forward to see what she had uncovered. As she stirred the sand, a shower of sparks erupted. Again she stirred and again the sparks flew. Margaret Feinberg, author of The Organic God, called this phenomena luminescence. Margaret’s friend, Kacy, had also seen it in the nighttime waters of an Alaskan harbor.

Margaret shares, “Kacy didn’t care what the mysterious sparkles were called. She was too caught up in the beauty of the moment … When I encounter something new that represents everything that is good and true and beautiful, something awakens inside of me. Maybe it’s a heart cry for the Creator or maybe it’s the Creator’s heart cry for me. Such encounters remind me that there is so much more to do and experience and know – not just about my world but about my God.”

If you aren’t a big fan of organized religion, would think twice before setting foot in a church, then you might just enjoy this book. The Organic God will take you on an adventure of discovering the magic and beauty of God that is present all around you. It’s a great read!


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Margaret January 21, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Thrilled you enjoyed the book–thanks for spreading the word.

Cathy January 21, 2011 at 6:59 pm

You are most welcome! Your books are so unique and a bit quirky, which I love. I think it’s important to show that being a Christ follower does not mean being a religious stuffed shirt. It means following Him on a breath-taking adventure.

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