Finally! A New Way to Search on Mobile

by Cathy on February 16, 2012 · 0 comments

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Searching the web on my iPhone has been a lesson in frustration. I don’t want to see a bunch of random text links that may or may not deliver the information I need. I want quick access to relevant information that is optimized for mobile, rather than just repackaging the PC experience … and Leap2 Navigator delivers.

Leap2, available for both the iPhone and Android, links search results with direct web browsing. Here are its features:

  • The Query Wheel categorizes search results.
  • The Category Search Selector accesses related news, buzz, images, local information, maps and answer information.
  • Direct-to-Web takes you directly to web content for the top three results, rather than providing a search results text list.
  • The Tabbed Browser allows you to select from one of the top three search results. The tabs provide full browser capability.

Take a look at the product demo:

For example, I typed “Kauffman Foundation” in the search box. The query wheel shows “Kauffman Foundation” as the main selection but also lists related topics above and below on the wheel, such as the FastTrac program (entrepreneurship training offered by the foundation) and the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center (which hosts entrepreneurship business conferences in Kansas City). The bottom half of the screen has tabs to related sites. If you click on a tab, the corresponding web page appears.

What’s next for this Kansas City-based startup? They are brainstorming around taking the idea in the other direction — integrating the mobile experience to the laptop or tablet. Very cool!


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