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Jamie Oliver, host of the Food Network show “Naked Chef,” is not naked but he is a chef — a very health-conscious chef. The concept for his TV show and a string of best-selling cookbooks stems from the fact that he strips food down to its bare essentials, capitalizing on simple flavors. Jamie’s light-hearted cooking show has provided a platform for his serious passion — saving over-fed Americans from themselves.

“Every 18 minutes, four people will die in America from the food they eat,” Jamie notes.

Jamie’s presentation at this year’s TED Conference, which features the most innovative thinkers across all fields, is one of the most downloaded talks in 2010. See what all the buzz is about here: Jamie Oliver’s video It ties directly into his TV series that is currently running on Fridays at 8 pm on ABC. One statistic he cited was that 10 percent of our healthcare bills are obesity related and will double in the next 10 years. Much of our obesity, the result of our diet and lack of exercise, can be reversed.

This year, Jamie received the TED Prize, a $100,000 award given to an exceptional individual who will use the money to help change the world. The award will help fund his program designed to educate every child about food, inspire people to cook again and to fight obesity. There is much that needs to be changed in our culture around food. I admire Jamie for what he is attempting to accomplish. I’m sure it makes good TV but it is also a significant issue.

If you missed the first couple of episodes on ABC you can watch them on Hulu. The first episode highlights the school food program. I was shocked that our kids are eating pizza for breakfast and lots of chicken nuggets and heavily processed gunk in school.

Jamie has other ideas and presents an alternative vision for food in our classrooms. If you believe in what he is saying, you can help support him by signing his petition.

If you’ve seen the show or watched the video, let me know your thoughts.



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