Creative Projects as Stress Busters

by Cathy on March 26, 2010 · 7 comments

in Ideas

I find that the busier I am, the more I need my hobbies! Not only do these diversions reduce tension, they also stretch my mind and make me more innovative in my paid work. I regularly snatch a bit of time to work on something earth-shatteringly important like:

  • transforming an old bookcase with a can of  paint
  • creating a scrapbook page
  • working on a sewing project
  • potting herbs for my tabletop garden …

These may not seem like critical tasks but they ARE critical to my sanity! Here are some ideas to help you move beyond “I really don’t have the time or money to pursue a creative interest.”

I keep all the supplies for this project spread out on my craft table so I can work on it whenever I have a snippet of time.

Keep it handy: Set up a space where you can work on your stuff and keep out a project in progress. Then you can work on it in ten-minute increments. If you don’t have a room or table to devote to your projects, you could place them on a rolling cart that you store in a closet. Right now, I have the following spread out on my craft table: seashells from our recent Florida trip, two small prints I purchased from Florida artist Cara Roy, along with two frames, watercolor paints, paper and brushes. I plan to use the watercolors to paint photo mats for the prints then attach the seashells on the mats to surround the prints. Now, if I can just find a smidgen of time to work on the project!

This project took just minutes to complete. I stitched together loops of ribbon and attached fabric flowers with buttons to make napkin rings.

Make it snappy: You don’t need to spend large chunks of time on a hobby to be renewed. One friend who travels often as a consultant keeps his photography hobby alive by snapping shots of all the destinations he visits. Even with a jam-packed schedule, there is a way. The sewing projects I work on these days tend to be short and sweet so I can complete them quickly. For example, I recently sewed strips of wide ribbon into a loop. Then I hand stitched a large fabric flower, along with a button, to the ribbon. Taa Daa! Cute napkin rings in no time! (Which is about how much time I had to work on this project!)

Do it frugally: Creating does not need to be pricey. The potted herbs I mentioned? You can purchase an herb plant from Wal-Mart for just a couple of bucks.

Repeat after me: “I am NOT a slave to my busy schedule!” There, I feel better already. Now excuse me, while I go to my project room …



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